The Cat Rescuers – A Documentary Film

The Rescuers


is an indomitable, laugh-out-loud funny and street-wise single mom living in Canarsie who will hop in her car any time of day or night to rescue a cat. She gave up a promising career as a rapper to devote herself to rescue work, somehow also managing to handle a full-time job as an expert legal investigator in midtown Manhattan. Now with her daughter, Nijah, getting ready to move out Sassee’s at a crossroads, wondering if she can find a man, “who loves cats as much as I do.” One thing is for sure: she is not going to stop her rescue work. As she likes to say, “Don’t talk about it, be about it.”


is an award-winning artist who has shown nationally and internationally while working full-time as a production manager in the Advertising and Graphic Design Department at a major art museum in New York City. After moving to Bed-Stuy in 2005 and discovering hundreds of sick and starving cats, she saw the need for rescues and became a founding member of Brooklyn Animal Action, which has coordinated foster care and successful adoptions of over one thousand felines in the past decade. Juggling her rescue work with a full-time job, her art career and her marriage is an enormous challenge. “My life is all about being efficient,” Claire says. Her husband, Ross, is supportive but sometimes jokes, “I’d like my wife back!”


is a lanky, sweet-natured electronics engineer whose career has taken him from supervising the wireless sound system for Broadway’s Beauty And The Beast to his current full-time gig maintaining radio communications for NYC’s Fire Department. One day near his Borough Park office he came across a scrawny feral and rescued it. When he realized this Orthodox Jewish neighborhood was overflowing with street cats he converted his office garage into a shelter and began feeding the cats he couldn’t accommodate, covering over 3 square miles in Borough Park and Kensington every morning. The cats follow him like he’s the pied piper. To keep up this routine Stu lives on 5 hours of sleep. “My cats don’t take holidays, so how can I?” he says. One of his neighbors has dubbed him, “Superman to the cats.”


is a big-hearted, indefatigable elder health care administrator who lives in Bay Ridge, a Brooklyn neighborhood made famous by Saturday Night Fever. She moved there in 2010 after a difficult period in her life upstate. While working at a senior center in Manhattan Beach, she discovered a colony of cats and rescued them, then began to notice how many were roaming Bay Ridge. She got certified in TNR and became affiliated with Brooklyn Animal Action, a volunteer rescue group based in Park Slope. She keeps up to two-dozen cats in her one-bedroom apartment and says jokingly, “The cats live there -they just let me visit.” Her weekends are devoted to rescues and adoptions. A colony she feeds in her office parking lot will have to be relocated because it’s being turned into a shopping mall. We’ll find out how she meets this challenge in The Cat Rescuers.