Get Kickstarter Rewards

For a very limited time, we can offer the following rewards for anyone who was not able to participate in our Kickstarter campaign.

$50: Tote bag (choose one of 3 designs) + Digital Download

$100: Tote bag (choose one of 3 designs) + Lapel Pin + bumper sticker (choose one of 3 designs) + Signed DVD or Blu-Ray

You have two options in order to make a contribution and sign up to receive your reward.

  1. Send the funds via PayPal (pay to or
  2. Mail a check to us in the amount of all rewards, plus shipping:

US & Canada = $7 shipping

Europe = $12 shipping

Everywhere Else: $15 shipping


Make the check payable to:

24 Cats Per Second

530 76th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11209

PLEASE NOTE: Not all rewards are available for immediate shipping.  Refer to the estimated delivery dates on the Kickstarter page. If you order the $100 package above, your items will be mailed in two shipments, since the signed DVD or Blu-Ray will be available much later than the other items.