The Cat Rescuers – A Documentary Film

3/20 Cat Rescuer of the Day: Alisa Neymark

The Cat Rescuer of the Day

The Cat Rescuers is an upcoming documentary about four dedicated volunteers who are saving the lives of hundreds of abandoned and feral cats on the streets of Brooklyn.

Our film calls attention to a global issue being addressed by thousands of organizers and heroic human beings – those who do TNR, volunteer at shelters, take on fosters, what have you.  Since we could only put a fraction of those wonderful people in our film, we’ve created the Cat Rescuer of the Day program to celebrate the efforts of as many as possible.

Meet Today’s Rescuer: Alisa Neymark of Brooklyn, NY!

Rescue Efforts:

TNR, plus fostering for Kitty Kind

One Rescue I’ll Never Forget Was…

My first rescue cat was a kitten who I named Bergen. Bergen was the reason I became TNR (trap-neuter or spay-release) certified. One day my aunt started sending me photos of a sick kitten in her backyard. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew that I had to do something. I reached out to an amazing woman from Whiskers A Go Go, who encouraged me to get certified. The kitten had every imaginable affliction: worms, fleas, ringworm, feline herpes, dehydration, diarrhea, multiple upper respiratory infections. Bergen was a crash course in kitten care. But I received so much in return. He healed so many personal wounds for me. I came out of a challenging relationship a month prior, and was having a really difficult time of letting go. With Bergen’s help, I learned to let go, to loosen the grip of control I had over the outcome of my past relationship. Bergen also taught me to be strong, laugh, love and be patient. Because rescue takes a lot of strength and patience.

One Thing I wish People Understood about Cats or Cat Rescuing Is…

It’s not difficult to get involved and save lives, and it is infinitely gratifying. I believe that all suffering is connected. When we ease the suffering of an animal, we ease our own. Cats are wonderful creatures. But my love for animals does not start and end at cats. I adore dogs, and I have had a pet Meyers parrot for 12 years. There are so many unwanted pets. Please spay and neuter your pets, and please adopt from a rescue or a shelter rather than buy from a breeder.

When I’m Not Rescuing Cats, I Like to…

I am a dentist, so most days are spent drilling and filling teeth. I love my job! It combines caretaking and esthetics. My two favorite things!

I’m Looking Forward to  The Cat Rescuers Film Because…

We need to break the stereotypes associated with cat rescue and encourage more people to save lives!

Want to be Cat Rescuer of the Day? Simply submit your answers today and we’ll feature you in an upcoming post.


  1. I run a volunteer based rescue in Long Beach Ca called Zoey’s Place rescue. We are specialized in hard and desperate cases, mostly orthopedic surgeries and cats rescued on the brink of death.
    We are small but we are focused on big cases that tie up a lot of funding , good nutrition and holistic medicine.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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