The Cat Rescuers – A Documentary Film

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How Stu got involved in cat rescue

Meet electronics engineer Stu Siet, whose day begins by feeding cats at 4 AM. “I think the general impression was that I’d gone totally crazy.”

Tara’s Colony After the Storm

Following the worst snowstorm of 2016, Tara digs out the shelters for her parking lot colony and feeds the survivors. When she finds blood she’s worried one of the cats has been lost.

Claire With Rescued Family

In Bed-Stuy, Claire is constantly rescuing abandoned cats, many of them pregnant. In this clip, she tends to two kittens just born to a friendly mom.

Sassee and Nijah to the Rescue

After Sassee’s daughter spots an injured friendly near their apartment in Canarsie, Sassee rides to the rescue. But the cat will need surgery, so there’s a lot of expense and work ahead.

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THE CAT RESCUERS in NYC: November 10th!

 . We are thrilled to announce the New York City premiere of THE CAT RESCUERS at DOC NYC, the largest documentary film festival in the US! Tickets are on sale now – get yours before they sell out… and spread the[…]